The Decade Delay in Bringing Dacia to Britain

Dacia is a Romanian car manufacturer know for budget hatchbacks throughout Europe. It is common to see several versions of the Dacia Sandero in Spain, for example. A decade of well-made and cheap cars later, the new Sandero models are now available in the UK. What took so long for the cheapest car in Britain today to be introduced to that market?

The Economy of Scale

In most countries, drivers use the right side of the road. That means the cars are designed to have the driver sit on the left-hand side. Countries that favor the left side of the road, like those in the UK, need cars that allow the driver to sit on the right-hand side. Large manufacturers have no financial issues with producing both left and right-hand drive versions of their vehicles because they make and sell so many.

Smaller manufacturers cannot always afford the costs of right-hand drive conversions. Dacia is now a subsidiary of the French manufacturer Renault. Renault opened a manufacturing plant in India. India is a massively populated country that also requires right-hand drive cars. The huge increase in the demand for these cheap and reliable cars, and the backing of a larger company, makes them cost-effective to produce for countries that drive on the left or the right side of the road.

Instant Success

Since its introduction into the UK market last year, almost forty-thousand Sandero models have been sold and demand is increasing. The car is available in petrol and diesel engines in three new models. The interior is larger than people expect and so is the boot. More and more drivers are exploring the many ways this car will suit their needs without draining their wallets. Basically, it is reliable and simple transportation in a stylish package.

It helps that the vehicle is well-reviewed., for example, called it “…big and cheery at astonishing pricing”. The car does not have many technological standard features, but some can be included as options. It is a low-cost way to get from one place to another comfortably. Discover what the rest of Europe has enjoyed for a decade.